Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LAMU Train Schedule

Thank you all for your support on LAMU.

Due to the complicated train operation, we can not provide a LAMU train schedule despite receiving many requests. If you intend to catch the LAMU train on purpose, you are advised to wait for the train at KL Sentral platform 4 and 6. LAMU train (EMU 39) only operates along the Rawang – Seremban route.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

*Please pay attention to the public address system at the platform to find out the arrival time of the LAMU train.

Train arrives at platform 4 departs to Rawang
Train arrives at platform 6 departs to Seremban

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yvs vamsi krishna said...

Thanks for posting the full details,its really a good information
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