Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meeting with KTMB's officers

Several rounds of meeting with the train company (KTMB Limited) has taken place. The cross-over between corporate and the cultural sector has sparked off an interesting collaboration. In our final presentation to Ganad Media Agency which owns exclusive concession holder to all advertising rights at the stations and trains within the KTM Komuter route, we managed to get their support and KTMB's agreement to realize LAMU project. A big thank you to the committee, advisors, KTMB, Ganad Media, Dotiro & Efozy.
A train ride with KTMB officers and Ganad personnels is scheduled on the 4th September 2007. We will gather at the lobby of Old Kuala Lumpur train station at 11:30 before we "go with the train".
Please join if you are available!!

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