Friday, September 7, 2007

Train Ride With KTMB, GANAD, LAMU commitee & artists

On the 4th September 2007, a guided tour with GANAD representatives, KTMB representatives (who owns the right to all advertisement space in the train interior and at the surroundind grounds), LAMU commitee and featuring artists has been arranged by KTMB, to indentify locations to install the artworks. The tour has covered the Old KL train station, KL Sentral station, Mid Valley Megamall station & the train carriage and lasted for 3 1/2 hour. A lots of negotiation has taken place and many insights have been given into modes of production. It was fruitful indeed!

At 11:30, we started surveying the Old KL train station under the guidance of KTMB's respresentative Mr. Zainal & Ganad's representative Mr. Jase.

At 12:30, we departed form the the Old KL train station to KL Sentral station to look for more space.

Mr. Jase from Ganad briefed everybody about things that can be done in side the train carriage.

Our insightful advisor Mr. Liew Kung Yu shared his insights of producing artworks in relation to a specific space & time.

Production manager Mr. Phua Thai Meng & 1 of LAMU project curators Mr. Yap Sau Bin were looking at one the biggest space which is a 9' X 25' wall offered by GANAD for artist to put up their work.

Final briefing & feedback session took place in a mamak restaurant which is not far from the old KL train stain. Meeting ended at 3:30pm.

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