Thursday, July 19, 2007


Introduction of LAMU
LAMU provides the KTM Komuter trains as the platform for artist to create art that actively engage the commuters and help bring art to people in real and mundane way. Artwork will be located both inside the train and in the stations or surrounding grounds. The commuter train service caters especially to commuters in KL and the surrounding suburb areas. It provides 248 commuter services daily, serving 41 stations along 175 route-kilometres from Rawang to Seremban and Sentul to Pelabuhan Kelang with an average of 20 mins frequency. KTM komuter is a vehicle carrying people from 1 place to another, shifting loads of passenger around the town where its cosmopolitan air projecting an unrestrained spirit of urbanization, generating a dynamic and organic flow of people in the city. The stations are serve as transitory space, where notions of borders, time and place are temporarily suspended, while the trains are bearing the citizens like constant flow of blood pumped in and out the heart of KL, through the stream of TIME, sustaining the life of KL.

So, LAMU explores the spatial and temporal distance between events happening in the train and at the stations. The prospective investigations all come down to the management of TIME and the management of CHANGE.

The artworks will be
1. Exploring the mobility of the commuter train; opening a dialogue between the space (train/ station) and the time (specific hour/ travel duration).
2. Examining the evidence of time which is embodied in the physical city.
3. Corresponding to time-specificity and/ or site specificity in their production.
4. Producing a model of sociability, which renders reality or might be conveyed in it.

Bila LAMU mula?
LAMU will be on the rail from 1st to 7th October 2007 (1 week: Monday to Sunday). Please come back later to check out the schedule of events.

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